KASB Legal Departments provides options for school board leadership elections

A change in state law on the timing of school board officer elections means boards will have to choose whether to extend the terms of current officers or hold a new election of officers to serve until January or until the meeting the board designates in its January meeting for holding elections.

The 2019 Legislature passed House Substitute for SB 130, which moves the date when school boards elect officers and set their meeting dates from the first meeting in July to the first meeting after the second Monday in January, the date board members elected in November take office. However, it allows boards to choose at that meeting to select an alternative date later in the year to make either of those decisions.

The new law did not specify what boards should do about the current year, when the term of office of leaders elected last July are set to expire. The KASB Legal Department has issued a new memo (click here) explaining that boards may either pass a resolution to extend the terms of currently-serving officers until next calendar year or hold an election of officers to serve until January or whatever date is set by the board at the January meeting. (Click here for link to sample resolutions.)

Contact the KASB Legal Department with questions.

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