KASB releases video and podcast on Education Issues for the 2020 Election

KASB Associate Executive Director for Advocacy Mark Tallman has prepared a video and podcast on K-12 education issues in preparation for the 2020 primary and general elections.  

The presentations run about 15 minutes and are designed to help candidates and education advocates understand issues including the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on schoolsthe necessity of boosting student achievement, addressing the deep differences in student needs, how schools must change to improve student success, and how we all share responsibility for student well being and accomplishment 

The video is available on KASB’s YouTube channelyou can listen to the podcast here. 

The Kansas primary election is August 4 and the General Election is on November 3. Many seats in the Kansas legislature will be decided in the August primary, so school board members and other leaders should use the next several weeks to familiarize themselves with the candidates and their stances on important issues. KASB will share the video and podcast with all candidates and urges our members to follow up with aspiring lawmakers and State Board of Education members to put the issues in context for your district and community.  

KASB has prepared an Excel spreadsheet of candidates for the Kansas state legislature, the State Board of Education, and U.S. Congress. It’s available on our website and can be sorted by electoral race and by KASB region.  

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