KASB Special Edition: New Day for Kansas Education: How schools are using new resources

by Dayna Miller
KASB President
Basehor-Linwood USD 458

Kansas educators have one goal — the success of each student. And with new resources recently provided by the state, Kansas teachers and staff are tending to pent-up needs and preparing for the future.<

KASB is proud to tell their stories in a new publication: “New Day for Kansas Education.” The edition is filled with reports based on conversations with school officials in which they talked about their dreams for their students, the challenges they face and the opportunities ahead.

What goes on every day in Kansas public schools is special. Here are some examples of what you will learn about Kansas schools after reading this special edition:

  • The future of school is going to be a lot different and districts are seeking community input to create a shared vision;
  • Education is the economic driver for local communities and investment in schools produces a quality workforce and improves our communities and state;
  • Educators are committed to getting students more engaged by connecting them to more in-depth study of their interests. Teachers are meeting students where they are and then getting them to where they need to be;
  • For many students, equipping them with skills for employment may be the only way out of poverty. Today’s students are facing a multitude of challenges that students even a few years didn’t dream about, such as the overwhelming influence of social media and increases in childhood trauma which can lead to behavior that doesn’t conform to a school setting;
  • Schools are working with parents as early as possible, helping them “dream” about what their children can accomplish. Serving students better means forming deeper relationships between teachers and school staff and students and families;
  • Whether called behaviors, character traits, life or social skills, non-academic issues have been joined with reading, writing and math as part of the basics that students need;
  • Major challenges for K-12 education are the hiring and retention of teachers and the impact of student poverty and mental health challenges. Teachers are being challenged like never before;
  • Districts across the state are working with businesses and higher education to increase offerings to students. In many areas, the local chamber of commerce and businesses are providing schools a lot of energy and support.

We hope you enjoy this special edition and realize it just represents a small example of the thousands of stories that occur every day in our Kansas public schools. Generations of Kansans have worked hard to produce great public schools, knowing that education is the way to sustain our state and children. Today, KASB along with educators and advocates across Kansas vow to work hard to continue this tradition.

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