KASB Risk Management brings a win-win solution to benefit management 

Employee Benefit Solutions (EBS), the newest service offered by KASB Risk Management, brings a win-win solution to members starting this fall.

“Our members asked us to find a better solution for management of employee benefits, and we have,” said Rod Spangler, KASB assistant executive director and leader of KASB Risk Management. “We’ve developed a technology-based solution that improves management of both employer-sponsored benefits and voluntary benefits.”

Clerks and human resource staff who use this newest KASB service will no longer be at the mercy of an outside vendor’s process or timeline.

“Our online tool, developed by KASB Risk Management specifically for our members, allows organizations to manage their own process and control their own data for the annual benefits enrollment for employees and new hires, and to make changes when a staff member has a qualifying event and needs to make a change,” Spangler said.

One distinct advantage over other vendors is the flexibility EBS gives staff to research options by gaining access to the system outside the school day.

“By using our technology-based solution, employees can learn at their convenience and have time to discuss with family or other advisors. They will then be better informed and prepared to make important decisions without feeling the rush of a 15-minute enrollment time slot,” Spangler said.

This online access also minimizes disruptions to the school day and means teachers and support staff can remain focused on students and student success.

The KASB Risk Management Employee Benefit Solutions brings equally important advantages for employers.

“Every management staff member – no matter the position – continues to be asked to do more, not less. Our Employee Benefit Solution gives administrative staff time-saving functionality and puts them back in control of the process,” Spangler said.

Benefit selection is a once-a-year task that has to be done. KASB’s EBS system streamlines the task and at the same time offers a better experience for everyone.

Spangler urges KASB members to contact him sooner rather than later to learn more about the benefits of KASB Risk Management Employee Benefit Solutions.

“Benefit enrollment usually happens in late August and into September, so right now is the perfect time to explore what our new service will do for you,” Spangler said.

The Employee Benefit Solution is the sixth product or service developed by KASB Risk Management to fit the needs of our members, Spangler said. Others include workers comp insurance, student accident insurance and property/casualty insurance, health insurance consulting and the KASB-sponsored Kansas Joint Utility Management Program (KUMP).

“Each of these services and products can save money and put resources back into the classroom,” Spangler said, “We’re here to help find those savings by offering insurance and other services that are the best fit for our members.”

Spangler said KASB Risk Management’s mission is to serve as a strategic risk management partner.

“In our 30 years of service, we have always had that mission in mind,” Spangler said. “The addition of Employee Benefit Solutions rounds out our agency mission. We are owned by and in support of the overall KASB mission. When members use our agency to be that strategic risk management partner, they put their trust and resources in an agency with a shared mission for student success.”

And member participation in KASB Risk Management products and services also benefits KASB as your professional association, Spangler said.

“KASB Risk Management generates non-dues revenue that are used to support other KASB services and activities such as advocacy and communications,” he said.

It’s really more like a win-win-win!

Written by Carol Pitts cpitts@kasb.org
School Board Review, April 2018

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