District and Building Leadership Development

Balanced Leadership

The Kansas Association of School Boards formed an exclusive partnership with the Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL).  Through this partnership, KASB offers leadership seminars for building administrators, using the McREL program of Balanced Leadership.

The McREL program is a statistically proven methodology designed to provide building administrators with the necessary leadership skills to improve student learning.  The seminars deal with building level skills.

Because of its study of leadership, McREL has developed the Balanced Leadership Framework.  The framework consists of four major components.

  • Identification of 21 responsibilities that affect student learning.
  • Trains principals to focus on the changes that make a difference in student achievement.
  • Trains administrators to manage the magnitude of change.
  • Guides principals on how to develop a purposeful community to effect student achievement.

Participants in the training engage in six sessions spread over four months, mid-October though mid-January. They receive knowledge as well as hands-on activities designed to lead them through the four components of the framework.


KASB's Balanced Leadership training uses "School Leadership That Works: From Research to Results"

About McREL

McREL – the Mid-continent Regional Educational Laboratory,  is based in Denver, CO and was founded in 1966 as a non-profit organization to assist educators through research and guided training. The organization is dedicated to the dissemination of best practices designed to improve student learning. McREL has provided theory based practices across the United States.  Its first major work centered on classroom instructional behaviors that make a difference in learning.

McREL Teacher Growth tools from Harris School Solutions,  think.harrisschoolsolutions.com/mcrelharris

District Leadership Support

  • Balanced Leadership
  • Principal/Teacher Evaluation Systems
  • Customized Professional Development
  • Hot Topic Seminars
  • Research
  • Hiring Practices
  • Interview Technique
  • Leadership Training
  • Student Achievement
  • McREL Balanced Leadership Program
  • Leader and Teacher Evaluation

Building Leader Mentoring and Support

KASB and United School Administrators of Kansas (USA) have formed a partnership to bring the building administrator training to all regions of the state.

Using the powerful resources of McREL, combined with the expertise and support from both KASB and USA staff, every building leader has access to this cost-effective training while minimizing the time away from the building and district.

This program meets KSDE requirements for the professional building leader's license. Participants who already hold this credential will earn professional development points for renewal of the KSDE licensure.