KASB attorneys provide training and resources to help board members understand their role and responsibility both as a board of education, and individually as board members. They keep you up-to-date on new and emerging legal developments and provide timely information and training on “hot topics” that arise throughout the school year. As a KASB member, you can schedule KASB attorneys to provide legal training for board members, administrators and staff. KASB staff attorneys are frequent presenters at state association meetings and conferences and provide onsite staff development and whole board trainings.

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NSBA's Council of School Attorneys (COSA)

KASB serves as the coordinator for the Kansas School Attorneys Association. Please contact for more information.

The Kansas Legislature passed SB 130 which became effective April 25, 2019.  This new law changed the date school boards elect their board president and vice-president and the date when the board sets the annual meeting dates and location.


The law now requires boards of education to decide when they are going to elect their board president and vice-president and set their meeting dates and times at the first meeting on or after the second Monday in January, which is January 13, 2020, or select another date during the year at which to make these decisions.


KASB Legal Department has sample resolutions available for the board.


Please feel free to call the KASB legal staff at 1-800-432-2471 if you have any questions


Updated November 15, 2019

SCHOOL BOARDS NOTE: Legislative changes to KOMA - Effective July 1, 2017