Legal Assistance Fund

The Legal Assistance Fund (LAF) is a separate KASB service that allows legal representation to be provided to members. A separate annual fee is required to comply with court rules concerning the attorney/client privilege. This guarantees confidential legal representation for our members.

Membership in LAF gives board members and administrators access to any KASB staff attorney for questions or problems concerning school law. Members can request written opinions on specific legal questions. Additional fees are charged for continuing consultative assistance or for legal representation; for example, representing the board in a teacher due process hearing would incur an additional hourly fee and additional hourly travel time fees.

Even though a local board may be a member of KASB, legal services cannot be provided unless the board is also a member of the Legal Assistance Fund. Only local boards belonging to KASB are eligible to join the Legal Assistance Fund. KASB is proud to be a leader in providing legal services to KASB members, and in fact this service is only offered by a limited number of state school board associations. KASB employs five attorneys and additional support staff who devote all of their time and effort to school legal issues. Their combined knowledge and experience give members of the KASB Legal Assistance Fund a distinct advantage. Please contact Donna Whiteman, KASB assistant executive director/legal services, to discuss becoming a member of LAF.