Tell your story at the 2019 Annual Conference Breakout Session Proposals

Today is the deadline for proposals to present at the 2019 KASB Annual Conference. The 60-minute presentations will be given on Saturday, December 7 in Wichita,

Presenting at the KASB Annual Conference is a great way to tell your story. We know all districts are working on innovative ways to improve student success from pre-K to post graduation in addition to addressing the challenging social and emotional needs of young people. We encourage KASB member entities to take this opportunity to share best practices, effective strategies that lead to student success, and expand understanding of emerging issues in education.

The best presentations honor the governance role of boards of education, include the voice of school board members and the leadership team and give participants time for interaction and questions. At least one quarter of the program should be devoted to questions and answers. In designing your program, consider using any one of the following formats: single speaker, panel, or some other program structure. If there is more than one presenter, include all of the information for each individual.

The deadline for submitting a proposal is August 23, 2019. CLICK HERE to submit your proposal.

Questions? Contact Carol Pitts, 785-273-3600.

This year’s annual conference topics include:

• Advocacy and Community Engagement
Advocating for public schools and community engagement go hand-in-hand when creating opportunities for the success of all students. These sessions will focus on the strategies, structures and partnerships school districts and communities are using to advocate for their students at the local, state and/or federal levels.

• Efficient and Effective Practices
Boards of education and school leadership teams across Kansas evaluate and reallocate resources to improve student success. These sessions will focus on how planning, innovation and collaboration can support improved efficiency and effectiveness.

• Equity and Access
School Boards and Education Leaders are rethinking current and past practices to respond to a changing student population. These sessions are focused on actions school districts have taken to increase access to educational experiences and opportunities for all students.

• Facility Planning
Kansas faces a wide spectrum of school facility challenges resulting from areas of rapid growth with space challenges to areas experiencing aging facilities with compounding differed maintenance needs. These sessions will focus on how districts are planning for and addressing their facility needs. Topics will include bond elections and innovative ways to address facility needs.

• Foundations of Boardsmanship
These sessions will equip new and experienced board members with foundational skills for basic boardsmanship. Boards of education have several functions that help ensure a successful school system. These include (1) establishing the vision for the district; (2) setting priorities and goals; (3) creating policies; (4) hiring and evaluating the superintendent of schools; (5) holding the superintendent accountable for accomplishing district goals; and (6) helping build support for public education.

• Policy/Legal
Societal trends, community pressures and changing circumstances impact both the quality and equality of education offered to our students. These sessions provide the latest guidance and information on legal issues and policy matters relating to school law, student and staff issues.

• School Redesign
As part of the Kansans Can School Redesign Project, schools have launched redesign efforts to align to the needs of students and prepare students for post high school success. The redesign project categorizes these schools into four groups: Mercury 7, Gemini I, Gemini II and Apollo. These sessions will showcase innovative ideas these schools are putting in place.

• School Safety and Security
School safety and security continue to be an important topic of concern. School boards and district leaders are constantly improving security at their sites in response to increasing concerns for students and staff safety. These sessions will focus on steps districts or schools have taken to improve security while maintaining inviting learning environments.

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