Follow KASB for latest education news as 2019 legislative starts Monday

The 2019 legislative session opens Monday with school finance at center stage and political intrigue driving the plot. 

KASB will be monitoring each twist and turn of the session, reporting back to education leaders and advocating on behalf of Kansas public school boards.   

To get the latest education news, please follow KASB on Twitter, like us on Facebook, open the daily KASB News Briefs email and monthly School Board Review and bookmark our website KASB also will be producing a Facebook Live summary of each day’s events in the Statehouse, conducting KASB Live webinars each Friday and dispatching action alerts and other advisories as issues heat up.  

There is a lot at stake for education.  

Democrat Laura Kelly caps a startling political rise to be sworn in as Kansas’ 48th governor on Monday and will immediately face a Legislature dominated by a Republican Party veering further to the right.  

Kelly and other supporters of public schools, including KASB, are calling for adding to the school finance formula an inflationary adjustment — an investment of about $360 million over four years to comply with the Kansas Supreme Court and possibly end the Gannon lawsuit. But Republican legislative leaders want a constitutional amendment, opposed by KASB, that would prevent schools from going to court to petition for adequate funding.  

It is imperative that education leaders stay up-to-date on these and other K-12 issues at the Statehouse, so keep KASB on your phone and computer screens to get the latest developments. 

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