KASB Live on Friday; time to be determined later

KASB Live will broadcast Friday to review the fourth week of the 2020 legislative session, but because there is a morning hearing on a bill that is important to schools, the time of the broadcast will be determined later. Here is a link to the webinar, but please follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see what time KASB Live will start.

After the live presentation, the interactive broadcast will be archived and available as a video and podcast. Here is a link to the KASB Live Youtube channel and here is a link to KASB Live podcast.

The public hearing Friday morning is on SB 294, which would increase regulations and public notice requirements on property tax decisions. KASB will testify in opposition to the bill which is before the Senate Assessment and Taxation Committee.

The measure is being touted as a “truth in taxation” proposal but taxing subdivisions, including school districts, cities, counties and others say the bill has numerous problems.

KASB has staff and resources that can help you stay informed on what is happening in Topeka, and through affiliation with NSBA, what is happening in Washington.

You can find numerous education reports and studies on the KASB website at www.kasb.org and then clicking on the Advocacy tab and then Key Resources.

In addition, KASB puts out daily stories on education through emailed KASB News Briefs or just go to www.kasb.org and click to see the latest news.

During the session, KASB conducts daily Facebook Live updates, KASB Live weekly video and podcast roundup, news stories, blogs and analyses on education issues. KASB will also be putting out text alerts when legislative developments warrant quick action from education advocates. Please also make sure to monitor developments on KASB’s Facebook page and through our Twitter accounts. 

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