State Board of Education approves computer science standards recommendations

The State Board of Education on Wednesday gave unanimous approval to recommendations that could allow computer science classes fulfill requirements for a core course of math, science or foreign language for graduation.

But the board also said it wanted the computer science task force to report back to the board for specifics on implementing its recommendations.

Several board members had voiced unease with allowing a computer course to replace a core course without more information.

But Chair Kathy Busch said the recommendations represented “a framework to get started.” The board’s motion was amended to ensure that all decisions on the recommendations would come back to board for consideration.

Kansas is one of only two states that doesn’t allow computer science to serve as a core course, according to the Kansas State Department of Education.

The computer science task force recommended:

— KSDE create a dedicated Computer Science education position. This has already been done.

— KSDE should encourage all schools offer computer science;

— Computer Science should satisfy a core graduation requirement;

— Create licensure endorsement for computer science;

— Arrange funding

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