Bills with hearings week of Feb. 17

Monday, February 17 

8:30 a.m. – S. Commerce, 548-S 

Hearing on: SB 366 — Expanding the expedited occupational licensure provisions for military servicemembers and spouses to all license applicants. 

Allows military spouses or individuals who have established or intends to establish residency in Kansas to practice their profession if they hold a valid current license, registration or certification in another state if they do not have a criminal record. This would apply to KSDE and 20 other state licensing agencies and boards. 

1:30 p.m. – S. Education, 144-S 

Hearing on: SB 337 workkeys assessments to students enrolled in nonpublic schools.  

Amends KSA 72-5179 to add a definition of “students” to include both public and accredited nonpublic school students who can participate in the free ACT college entrance exams and the three workkeys assessments at no cost.  

SB 353 — Requiring the allocation of sufficient school district moneys to improve academic performance of underachieving students.  

Amends KSA 72-1163 which requires the district to  assess the educational needs of each attendance center to add that when preparing the budget the board needs to ensure they allocate “sufficient moneys in a manner reasonable calculated such that all student  may achieve” the seven Rose standards codified in KSA 72-3218(c). 

Tuesday, February 18 

1:30 p.m. – S. Education, 144-S 

Hearing on: SB 384 — Requiring the state department of education and the Kansas department for children and families to prepare an annual report on educational outcomes for foster care students. 

Requires KSDE and DCF to prepare an annual report on educational outcome data for foster care students to include graduation rate, promotion, suspensions expulsions, standardized test scores and the number meeting standards and the number and percentage of foster care students enrolled. Applies to both public and accredited non-public schools. 

SB 410 — Requiring publication of school district bullying policies and requiring a report on bullying incidents at each school district attendance center.  

Requires school boards to include a bullying resolution and reporting process in their bullying plan. If the board adopts additional policies relating to bullying then the policy and plan, reporting and resolution process they must be published on the school district website with links to building and distributed annually to parents and included in training materials. Parents are allowed access to requirements and training materials for students and staff. There is an annual report that KSDE is required to make including the types of incidents reported and how resolved. 

1:30 p.m. – H. Commerce, Labor and Economic Development, 118-N 

HB 2315 — Unemployment benefits for privately contracted school bus drivers. Final action on bills previously heard. 

(From Fiscal Note) Under current law, school bus drivers are permitted to apply for unemployment insurance benefits when school is in session. HB 2315 would remove the reasonable assurance for school bus drivers. Removing the reasonable assurance would allow school bus drivers to apply and receive unemployment insurance benefits when school is not in session. 

Wednesday, February 19 

9:00 a.m. – H. Federal and State Affairs, 346-S 

Hearing on: HB 2520 – Crimes, punishment and criminal procedure; relating to assault and battery of sports officials. 

Amends the criminal statutes to specify that an assault of a sports official on the premises of an athletic facility is a B misdemeanor and an aggravated assault is a level 6 felony. Adds the crime of battery against a sports official and it is an A misdemeanor. Sports official is defined as: “sports official” means any person who acts or expects to act in a sports contest as an umpire, referee, judge or otherwise to officiate at a sports contest. 

1:30 p.m. – S. Education, 144-S 

Hearing on: SB 382 — Amending the capital improvement state aid schedule to exclude U.S.D. No. 207, Fort Leavenworth.  

Amends the statute on school district capital improvements state aid formula to for general obligation bonds approved for issuance at an election held on or after July 1, 2020 to exclude USD 207 Ft. Leavenworth from the schedule of dollar amounts using the AVPP of the school district with the lowest AVPP of all districts as the beginning point. 

3:30 p.m. – H. K-12 Education Budget, 546-S 

Possible action on bills previously heard. Hearing on: HB 2582 — Creating the behavioral health intervention weighting as part of the Kansas school equity and enhancement act. 

Creates a behavioral health intervention weighting only if the school district has a behavioral health intervention team program available to improve the social-emotional wellness and outcomes for students by increasing access to counselors, social workers and psychologists. Part of the revenues would go to community mental health centers. The district’s priorities with the program and weightings would be for students in the custody of DCF,then for students receiving family preservation services, and then all other students. 

Thursday, February 20 

1:30 p.m. – H. Education, 218-N 

Hearing on: HB 2256 — Creating the community leaders service act. Discussion on: Student Privacy Data 

 (From fiscal note) Would create the Community Leaders Service Act to allow local school boards of education to establish a community leaders service program for students enrolled in the district. The district would enter into agreements with a community organization located in the district with preference given to any community organization that is a local senior citizens center, providing delivery of senior citizen meals and home and community-based services programs. Students would be paid at a rate of $15 per hour, indexed for inflation, that would be deposited in a college saving account. 

 Probably hearing on HB 2690Requirements for school districts to administer certain tests, questionnaires, surveys and examinations under the student data privacy act. 

 Amends current law to require that  test, questionnaire, survey or examination containing any questions about the student’s personal beliefs or practices on issues such as sex, family life, morality or religion, or any questions about the student’s parents’ or guardians’ beliefs and practices on issues such as sex, family life, morality or religion, must be provided to parent or guardian prior to the district asking for their written consent to participate (as currently required by law). 

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