KASB Daily Education Roundup, Mon. Feb. 17

KASB opposed a bill before the Senate Education Committee on Monday and will oppose another on Tuesday as committees start moving legislation to the floors of both chambers.

SB 353 seeks to “allocate sufficient moneys in a manner reasonably calculated such that all students may achieve the goal” set forth in state statute law, the so-called  “Rose capacities.” KASB supports the concepts of the bill but thinks the legislation makes it appear school officials “are not committed to achieving these capacities simply because we have not reached them.” Here is a link to the testimony. The supporter of the bill was the Kansas Policy Institute.

The committee also held a hearing on SB 337, which would provide free ACT and workkeys assessments to students enrolled in nonpublic schools. Neither bill was immediately acted on.

Meanwhile, the House Education Committee heard a presentation on computer science standards and House K-12 Education Committee started work on the Kansas State Department of Education budget and plans to put together a recommendation on Thursday.

On Tuesday, Senate Ed will hold hearings on SB 384, which would require KSDE and the Kansas Department for Children and Families to prepare an annual report on educational outcomes for foster care students and SB 410, which would require publication of school district bullying policies and reporting on bullying incidents at each school. KASB opposes SB 410, saying the state should follow the recent recommendations by the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Bullying.

A Facebook Live recap of the day’s events can be seen here.

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