KASB’s Daily Education Roundup, Mon. Feb. 18

With legislative deadlines looming, committees are holding hearings and voting all week on education-related bills.

On Monday, KASB released a report on how school districts are using recent increases in funding to drive student success. More than 100 school districts responded to the question from legislators and KASB is seeking information from the remainder of districts too. Here is a link to a more detailed story about #FundingHelpsStudents.

Meanwhile at the Statehouse, KASB testified on three bills.

KASB opposed HB 2233, which would require school district provide a $500 stipend for each teacher for supplies, and HB 2219, which would require recordings of meetings and making those recordings available to the public. KASB testified in favor of SB 47, which would set up a scholarship program for students who graduate early.

On HB 2233 before the House Education Committee, KASB testified the bill would usurp local control and constitute an unfunded mandate. Teachers, administrators and others also testified against the measure.

On HB 2219 before the House Judiciary Committee, KASB said the measure could be a burden by requiring subcommittees, task forces and school district building site councils to record meetings and maintain those recordings.

On SB 47 before the Senate Education Committee, KASB supported the proposal to allow funding that would be used as base state aid in a student’s senior year to be used to pay for postsecondary costs of the student graduates early.

A short video wrap up of the day’s events can be seen on KASB’s Facebook page.


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