KASB Daily Education Roundup, Tue. Feb. 18

KASB on Tuesday testified against SB 410, which would require publication of school district bullying policies and reporting on bullying incidents at each school.

KASB opposes bullying and supports efforts to address the issue, but feels the state should follow the recent recommendations made by the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Bullying. Here is a link to KASB’s testimony before the Senate Education Committee. Advocates for LGBTQ students and KNEA voiced support of the legislation.

The Senate committee also held a hearing on SB 384, which would require the Kansas State Department of Education and the Kansas Department for Children and Families to prepare an annual report on educational outcomes for foster care students. The committee didn’t take action on either bill.

On Wednesday, Senate Education will hold a hearing on SB 382, which is similar to HB 2526, and would change the capital improvement aid formula that ties the equalization schedule to the district with the lowest assessed valuation per pupil. That district is always Fort Leavenworth USD 207, which is on a military base with almost no taxable valuation. Here is a link to KASB’s testimony in support of HB 2526.

Also on Wednesday, KASB will testify as neutral on HB 2582 before the House K-12 Education Budget Committee. The bill would create the behavioral health intervention weighting as part of the school finance formula. House K-12 is also scheduled to act on bills previously considered.

A Facebook Live recap of the day’s events is here.

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