Report has Kansas education at 14th, government 48th

Good thing Kansas has a solid education system.

Otherwise the state would have ranked much lower in the U.S. News & World Report ranking of the states.

Overall, Kansas ranked 28th.

Among all states, Kansas received its highest mark in education at 14th and infrastructure at 15th.

Kansas’ lowest rankings were in government, 48th, and the economy, 43rd. Kansas also ranked 22nd in opportunity, 23rd in health care, 32nd in crime.

Who was No. 1? Massachusetts.

Why? The report stated: “Health care and education are public priorities, and Massachusetts is succeeding at both.”

The magazine used 60 measurements under the categories of health care, education, crime and corrections, infrastructure, opportunity, economy and government.

The report said that more weight was given to some measures based on a survey of what people said mattered most. “Health care and education were weighted most heavily,” the report said.

In education, the study measured pre-school, K-12 and higher education. In health care, the study looked at access, affordability, quality and outcomes.

The government ranking focused on fiscal stability, transparency, integrity and use of digital technology in serving residents.

In the economic ranking, the report looked at unemployment, gross domestic product, in-migration, patents and new businesses.

In crime and corrections, the study analyzed the quality and fairness of the prison system.

Under infrastructure, the study looked at the condition of bridges, public transportation, broadband and power grids.

For opportunity, the ranking measured poverty, housing affordability and equality for women, minorities and people with disabilities.

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