Action Alert – Urge senators to oppose cut to schools

KASB urges school leaders to contact their senators as Senate President Susan Wagle said Wednesday she plans to propose a cut to schools during debate Thursday on a state budget bill.

Wagle, R-Wichita, told news reporters that a cut is necessary to help balance the budget during this fiscal year and that her proposed cut would be carried forward into the next fiscal year. She did not say how much she would seek to lower school funding.

KASB urges school leaders to contact their state senators to tell them what impact a cut would have on students and teachers, in addition to the long-term plan for schools in the face of the Kansas Supreme Court’s decision that the school finance system is constitutionally inadequate.

The budget bill, called the rescission bill, was advanced by a Senate committee on Tuesday without any reductions to public education. Earlier this session, Senate GOP leaders had proposed a 5 percent cut to schools, but then backed off when it was apparent such a proposal would fail. There had been talk late last week and this week that a 2 percent cut would be proposed.

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