Legislature returns to work on school finance

The Kansas Legislature returns to work today after a long weekend with the clock ticking on reaching an agreement on school finance.

The state faces an April 15 deadline to provide the Kansas Supreme Court with legal briefs on a proposed remedy to the court’s instruction to add an inflation adjustment to an earlier K-12 increase.

House and Senate negotiators start meeting today on SB 16, which the House filled with numerous policy provisions. The Senate has approved SB 142, which includes the four-year inflation adjustment, but a House GOP leadership plan, HB 2395, which cuts off funding increases in fiscal years 2022 and 2023, hasn’t been voted on by the full House.

Here is a link to a detailed status of education bills in the House and Senate.

In addition to school finance, House and Senate budget conferees are meeting too.

Please follow KASB’s Mark Tallman and Rob Gilligan on social media today as the conference committee is expected to meet at various times throughout the day.

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