KASB Daily Education Roundup, Tue. April 2

House and Senate school finance negotiators made little headway Tuesday and then adjourned without setting a time to meet up again. 

Sen. Molly Baumgardner, R-Louisburg, and Rep. Kristey Williams, R-Augusta, had a testy exchange when the committee broke for the day. 

Williams declined to say when she wanted to meet again nor say when she would let Baumgardner know. That happened after Baumgardner told Williams that the Senate wanted to stick with its SB 142 funding plan — applying the inflation adjustment for the next four years and approved by the full Senate in a 32-8 bipartisan vote.  

Williams has pushed for just two years of the inflation adjustment, although that plan has not passed the full House. Williams’ plan also cuts off earlier approved increases in fiscal years 2022 and 2023. 

Meanwhile, the two sides negotiating over SB 16 traded offers back and forth over numerous policy issues, but reached few agreements of substance. SB 16 is full of policy provisions amended into the bill by Williams’ House K-12 Education Budget and then approved 63-61 margin by the full House. 

There seemed to be agreement to allow a dyslexia task force to continue working and to have the Governor’s Education Council study possible computer science and financial literacy requirements for graduation. The two sides also discussed at length different ways to gauge the effectiveness of bilingual education, but Baumgardner expressed alarm that the House had taken the position to remove the aspirational goal of paying 92 percent of excess cost in special education. 

Here is a video wrap-up of the day’s events. Please follow KASB on social media to stay up to date on developments. 

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