KPERS discussions continue

The House and Senate conference committee on Financial Institutions and Insurance met briefly Tuesday to consider the respective chambers’ positions on KPERs-related bills. The panel will meet again Wednesday morning to resolve differences between the two houses.

The bills under consideration are H Sub for SB 21, HB 2268, and SB 138 as amended. They primarily address working after retirement, with varying positions on the required waiting period between retiring from a KPERS position and returning to work (60 days is current law; SB 138 and HB 2268 require 180 days for retirees aged 62 and under); grandfathering of licensed and non-licensed retirees; earnings caps and employer contributions; exempting substitutes; and exemptions for hardship, special education and hard-to-fill positions. You can find a comparison chart of the three bills here.

Education leaders and others have sought to simplify KPERS working after retirement provisions in order to help fill empty teaching and administrative positions, particularly in rural areas of the state. The primary area of concern on Tuesday appeared to be the treatment of non-licensed, grandfathered retirees.

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