Vaping disciplinary guidelines adopted

Students caught vaping at school should be taught about the dangers of e-cigarette use with the goal of cessation, according to recommendations approved by the State Board of Education on Tuesday.

The “best practices” recommendations from the Kansas E-Cigarette/Vaping Task Force did not include suspension from school because experts say the most effective ways to help young people quit tobacco use is through counseling and education.

But the recommendations do include an option in which the student would be not allowed to participate in or attend school-related extracurricular activities for a certain period of time.

The recommendations apply to students who possess, use or distribute vaping or other tobacco products at school, on school property or at school sponsored activities. And they can be used in whole or in part by schools and school districts as deemed the most appropriate for a given situation.

Under the recommendations, the school would confiscate the tobacco products and provide the offending student with information about cessation programs and notify parents. After a second offense, it is recommended the student participate in a tobacco education program and after a third offense, the student should also participate in a cessation program.

The recommendations include lists of tobacco education program resources and cessation program and resources.

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