KASB 2020 Human Resources Coaching and Consulting program offered

Even though schools are closed due to the coronavirus health crisis, human resource issues continue to arise. To address these challenges, KASB has put together the Human Resources Coaching and Consulting program. 

The program offers pre-recorded videos from KASB attorneys Ashley Rohleder and Sam Blasi, online supplemental materials, followup virtual sessions and personal consultations to help district staff navigate the ins and outs of employment law and other legal and personnel issues. 

The KASB 2020 Human Resources Coaching and Consulting program will replace the traditional human resource academy this year. To register for the program, go to www.kasb.org/training. 

Once registered, a link will be sent for the webpage with access to six recordings plus support materials and additional information. Proceed at your own pace, take notes and jot down questions as you go then to join one (or both!) of the interactive Q and A sessions. You can also email or call a KASB attorney for answers to your questions as you work through the materials. 

Here is the schedule for the KASB Spring 2020 Human Resources Coaching and Consultation: 

Active Session Window: April 15 – April 29, 2020 

  • April 15: Open Registration and Training Portal  
  • April 22: Interactive Q and A Zoom 2-3 p.m. 
  • April 29: Interactive Q and A Zoom 10-11 a.m. 
  • Email and Phone Consultation: Ongoing 

Video Content 

Session 1: Employee Rights: Discrimination Protections 

Overview of legal protections for employees. 

Ashley Rohleder, KASB Attorney 


Session 2: Define the Relationship 

Fair Labor Standards Act information, with focus on classification of employees.  

Sam Blasi, KASB Attorney 


Session 3: Employee Rights, FMLA and ADA 

Discussion of Family Medical Leave Act and Americans with Disabilities Act protections for employees. 

Ashley Rohleder, KASB Attorney 


Session 4: HR Issues and COVID-19 Response (Replacing Hands-on Scenarios) 

Overview of available resources and review of information most relevant to HR personnel. 

Ashley Rohleder, KASB Attorney 


Session 5: Pre- and Post-Employment Issues 

Information on a variety of topics including job postings, interviews, references checks, and records retention. 

Sam Blasi, KASB Attorney 


Session 6: Job Descriptions Blueprint 

Outline for an effective Job Description, with a deep dive into considerations for each section. 

Ashley Rohleder, KASB Attorney 


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