41 more schools leap into Kansans Can School Redesign Project as Apollo launches

Forty-one schools representing 19 districts across Kansas will take part in Apollo, the fourth phase of the Kansans Can School Redesign Project.

The names of the schools and districts were shared Tuesday during the Kansas State Board of Education meeting. The announcement brings the total number of schools taking part in the redesign process to about 150, representing 66 school districts.

“This is a really exciting opportunity,” said State Board Chair Kathy Busch.

The Kansans Can School Redesign Project was announced in 2017 in support of Kansas’ vision for education – Kansas leads the world in the success of each student.

The schools must be redesigned around five major outcomes: improving kindergarten readiness, high school graduation rates, post-secondary success, the emotional well-being of students and putting in place individual plans of study for students.

The first phase of the school redesign project was Mercury 7. KSDE gave the remaining Mercury 7 applicants an opportunity to take part in Gemini I. Twenty-one districts accepted the challenge.

Mercury 7 districts and a few Gemini I districts launched their redesign plans in the fall of the 2018-2019 school year. The remaining Gemini I participants will launch no later than the spring of 2020. In February 2018, KSDE announced the third phase – Gemini II: The Space Walk Begins. Nineteen school districts were announced as participants for Gemini II.

The Apollo districts must be able to launch a new school design in the 2020-2021 school year.

Districts and the schools taking part in the Apollo phase of school redesign process are:

Augusta Unified School District 402: Ewalt Elementary School, Lincoln Elementary School, Robinson Elementary School and Garfield Elementary School.
Barber County North USD 254: Medicine Lodge Grade School and Medicine Lodge Junior/Senior High School.
Columbus USD 493: Columbus Unified High School.
Deerfield USD 216: Deerfield Elementary School, Deerfield Middle School and Deerfield High School.
Easton USD 449: Pleasant Ridge Elementary School.
Ell-Saline USD 307: Ell-Saline Elementary School and Ell-Saline Middle/High School.
Frontenac USD 249: Frank Layden Elementary School and Frontenac Junior High School.
Goodland USD 352: West Elementary School, North Elementary School and Goodland Junior/Senior High School.
Herington USD 487: Herington Elementary School and Herington Middle/High School.
Holton USD 336: Holton Middle School and Holton High School.
Hutchinson USD 308: Wiley Elementary School and Hutchinson STEM Magnet School at Allen.
Kaw Valley USD 321: St. Mary’s Grade School, Rossville Grade School, St. Mary’s Junior/Senior High School and Rossville Junior/Senior High School.
Lawrence USD 497: Broken Arrow Elementary School, Deerfield Elementary School, Hillcrest Elementary School and Free State High School.
Northeast USD 246: Northeast High School.
Oberlin USD 294: Oberlin Elementary School and Decatur Community High School.
Perry-Lecompton USD 343: Perry-Lecompton Middle School and Perry-Lecompton High School.
Uniontown USD 235: Uniontown Junior/Senior High School.
Wabaunsee USD 329: Maple Hill Elementary School.
Washington County Schools USD 108: Washington Elementary School and Washington County Junior/Senior High School.

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