Tom Brady and the false expectation of test scores

KASB Executive Director John Heim’s most recent blog uses the NFL Draft as an analogy to explain why the State Board of Education is right to ask us to judge kids on their accomplishments rather than their test scores.

Education Commissioner Randy Watson last week briefed school superintendents on statewide data that measures Kansas high-schoolers’ status at two years post-graduation, rather than depending only on test scores, to indicate student success.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Heim notes, was almost laughed out of the 2000 NFL draft because of his skill-test results. “The Patriots wasted the 199th pick on him and what has he done since?” Heim asks rhetorically.

“The commissioner and state board want school districts to look at what students are doing one and two years after leaving high school,” Heim says. “Are they performing in college or technical schools? Have they earned licenses or certificates that qualify them for entry to the workforce?

“Another way of saying this could be, do they have the social/emotional skills, a plan for moving forward, a quality K-12 experience (starting with Kindergarten readiness and ending with high school graduation) that enables them to attend and complete a post-secondary experience?”

Read the full blog for more on why inputs like test scores aren’t the only, or best, indicator of success for Kansas kids.

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