Plan ahead for voting and mail in ballots

Elections will proceed as scheduled this year despite the coronavirus pandemic.

With every seat in the Kansas Legislature on the ballot, the August primary and November general elections will be particularly important for Kansas public education. Education leaders will want to encourage patrons to vote and should remind constituents that Kansas allows all voters to cast their ballots by mail. 

The Kansas Secretary of State’s office oversees the state’s elections. Kansans can vote in person in advance, in person on election day and by advance mail ballot. Voters can go to to find deadlines for filing for office, changing party affiliation, and advance voting 

The site also has links for online voter registration, to request an absentee ballot, to view the list of filed candidates, and more. 

Since 1996, Kansas has offered advance voting by mail to all voters; that option may be especially appealing this year considering public health concerns. Secretary of State Scott Schwab says each of the state’s 105 counties are equipped and experienced to handle increased numbers of advance mail ballots and can adjust quantities on demand. 

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