Moran meets with SBOE on Federal Issues

U.S. Senator Jerry Moran told the Kansas State Board of Education Saturday that President Donald Trump’s budget proposal for education has little support in Congress.

Trump’s 2018 budget blueprint for the U.S. Department of Education eliminates $17 million to $18 million that Kansas schools have used to pay for teacher professional development, hiring additional staff to reduce class sizes, improving classroom technology and promoting STEM initiatives. Moran said federal funding for education will likely continue at a relatively flat level.

Trump’s budget also proposes diverting $20 billion in education funds to a voucher program. The Senator said such a move would require congressional approval and that was “unlikely to happen.” Moran indicated he would oppose any federal mandate on vouchers, saying such decisions should be made at the local level.

The blueprint also eliminates the 21st Century Learning Center program, which funds before- and after- school activities and summer school as well as impact aid that compensates school districts for foregone property taxes associated with military bases and other federal installations.

The National School Boards Association will issue a call to action this week urging school board members across the U.S. to contact their Members of Congress in support of federal education funding.

For more on that initiative, and the impact on Kansas of the proposed cuts, follow KASB’s News Briefs, social media accounts, and watch for the May School Board Review.

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