House, Senate budget committees meet in advance of wrap up session

House and Senate budget committees met Tuesday — a day ahead of Wednesday’s opening of the wrap-up session.

House Appropriations and Senate Ways and Means were scheduled to hear a review of the new revenue and caseload estimates and the governor’s budget amendments. Here is a link to the agenda and here is a link to hear audio of the meeting.

In the afternoon, the committees were to meet separately to go over the budget.

Earlier this month, state fiscal experts revised revenue estimates for the current and next two fiscal years. The changes amounted to about $15 million more over the period — a minuscule amount given the state’s annual budget exceeds $7.2 billion.

Legislators have already approved school funding to address the Kansas Supreme Court order in the Gannon litigation. That finance plan, which includes a $90 million inflation adjustment, is now before the court with oral arguments scheduled for May 9 and a decision expected no later than June 30.

During the wrap-up session Republican legislative leaders may try to push through another tax cut measure. Gov. Laura Kelly has already vetoed a tax cut plan that would have benefited mostly corporations.

And there may be an attempt to override Kelly’s veto of a bill that would have required doctors to tell patients that the abortion pill is reversible. In addition, Kelly is hoping the Legislature will vote on expanding Medicaid.

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