Kansas’ future will require a fair, adequately funded school finance formula

For Kansas to move forward, the Legislature must put school funding back on the right track.

That means as legislators meet during the wrap up session, they need to provide a fair and adequately funded formula so that our children will be able to compete in today’s society.

KASB has put together evidence-based research to help legislators as they debate and formulate policies that should be part of a comprehensive school finance plan. Here is a link that document.

KASB believes House Bill 2410 contains the components of a sound school finance formula but also believes the five-year timetable should be accelerated to offset years of inadequate funding.

Previous generations of Kansans have sacrificed to build a public school system that is a point of pride and has boosted the economic fortunes of the entire state. KASB urges the Legislature to continue that tradition.

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