School finance bill to get funding mechanism, vote this week

House K-12 Education Committee Chairman Larry Campbell (R-Olathe) told KASB today that HB 2410, the committee’s school finance formula bill, will have a funding mechanism infused into it this week. The chairman said he hopes to move the bill out of committee this Friday.

The committee finished its preliminary work on HB 2410 in April, just before the legislature adjourned for a three-week break. Campbell at that time declined to move the bill out to the full House, citing a desire for former Senator Jeff King, who is now the legislature’s counsel on the bill, to examine the measure. Campbell said King will give his analysis of the bill on Thursday.

Campbell said today “we’ve got to have a funding mechanism in the bill,” and that discussion will take place in committee Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday is a KASB Education Wednesday at the Statehouse, so members should plan to attend the committee meeting in Room 346-S of the Statehouse.

The House and Senate are attempting to craft legislation this week to address daunting budget shortfalls for Fiscal Years 2018 and 2019. Those plans don’t include funding for K12 education. The Kansas Supreme Court in its Gannon decision has directed the legislature to add an unspecified amount of funding to K12 education to address adequacy concerns.

The committee meets at 1:30 pm today for a legislative staff review of the bill and discussion of cleanup language. Campbell will allow committee members to raise any concerns they have, but no action will be taken on the bill Tuesday.

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