KASB Daily Education Roundup, Thur. May 2

Key legislators put the finishing touches on a final state budget and another tax cut bill started moving through the Legislature on Thursday, the second day of the wrap up session.

Major items in the budget for education include rolling over about $2 million in unexpended funds to expand the school mental health initiative and providing another $5 million for school security. Under the proposal, the increased funding for mental health services would require 25 percent matching funds from schools. The budget is in conference committee report for SB 25.

Meanwhile, Republican leaders put together a new tax cutting plan that would reduce revenue to the state by $238 million over three years. That plan is contained in conference committee report for HB 2033. The proposal contains several components of one vetoed earlier in the session by Gov. Laura Kelly and Democrats indicated she would veto this one too. Most of the benefits of the tax cuts would go toward businesses and corporations, although some individual filers would receive a break. There is also a provision to possibly reduce food sales tax through the collection of new taxes on internet sales.

The tax cut bill was approved 27-13 in the Senate on Thursday and now goes to the House where it is expected to win easy approval. If approved, sent to Kelly and vetoed, then supporters of the bill would have to muster two-thirds majorities to overturn the veto, which would be 27 votes in the Senate and 84 votes in the House.

A video update on Thursday’s developments is here on KASB’s Facebook page. KASB will discuss legislative developments at 12:30 p.m. today on KASB Live. Here is a link to join the discussion.

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