National Teacher Appreciation Week is this week

Among the many lessons learned during the coronavirus pandemic and school closures, is how important teachers are to the well-being of students and families. 

To honor teachers, education and parent organizations throughout the country, including KASB, encourages everyone to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, which runs through Friday. Teacher Appreciation Day will be celebrated Tuesday, May 5.  

“Teachers do so much more than teach. And in these challenging times, we’ve all gotten a pretty clear glimpse at the immense work they do and the immeasurable impact they have on our children’s lives,” said Leslie Boggs, president of National PTA. “Now more than ever, we can all appreciate just how much teachers do, and it’s even more important that we take the time to say thank you,” Boggs added.  

With most school instruction going online in the home due to the health crisis, many families have expressed newfound respect for the essential job teachers do.  

People are encouraged to show their appreciation of teachers by sharing photos and stories of teachers on social media using #ThankATeacher. Here is a video by KASB’s leadership team thanking teachers for their hard work.  

Another way of expressing thanks is through heartfelt artwork, poems, video messages and cards and recognizing teachers with awards and certificates.  

National PTA has designated the first week of May as Teacher Appreciation Week since 1984. For more information about Teacher Appreciation Week and for digital certificates, virtual thank-you cards and other ideas and resources to celebrate and honor teachers, visit this link.  

The National Education Association has a week’s worth of digital tools and resources to help celebrate at this link. Living Tree also has numerous activities that children and parents can do to show appreciation for teachers during this current quarantine and school closures at this link. 

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