Kansas House and Senate resolutions commend KASB’s 100 years of service to education

Resolutions passed by the Kansas House and Senate yesterday honored the Kansas Association of School Boards for its 100 years of service to public education.

Carrying the Kansas Legislature resolutions were Representative Fred Patton, Seaman USD 345 Board of Education and a KASB Past President, and Senator Lynn Rodgers, Wichita USD 259 Board of Education.

Text from each resolution can be found at kasb.org/about-us/

Guests of both houses were KASB Board of Directors Amy Martin, President, Olathe USD 233; Don Shimkus, Past-President, Oxford USD 358; Dayna Miller, President-Elect, Basehor-Linwood USD 458; and Patrick Woods, President-Elect Designee, Topeka USD 501. Regional vice-presidents in attendance were Shannon Kimball, Region 1, Lawrence USD 497; Curt Herrman, Region 4, Manhattan USD 383; Susan Walston, Region 6, Haysville USD 261; Lori Blake, Region 5, Southeast of Saline USD 306; Gina McGowan, Region 7, Ellsworth USD 327. Frank Henderson, Jr., Seaman USD 345, ex officio board member and current member of the National School Boards Association Board of Directors, was also among the KASB honorees.

The morning began with House Resolution 6033 co-sponsored by Reps. Patton, Clay Aurand, Barbara Ballard, Debbie Deere, Brenda Dietrich, Roger Elliott, John Eplee, Jim Gartner, Tim Hodge, Jim Karleskint, Jim Kelley, Greg Lewis, Adam Lusker, Monica Murnan, Cindy Neighbor, Ken Rahjes, Don Schroeder, Joe Seiwert, Jim Ward and Vldenia Winn. They are all current or former school board members, superintendents or school administrators.

Rep. Patton presented the following remarks after the reading of the resolution:

“On behalf of our many colleagues, like myself, who have served on school boards or as district administrators, it is my pleasure to congratulate the Kansas Association of School Boards on its 100th year of serving education leaders across our state.

“For many of you, your interaction with KASB has been from its advocacy efforts. That being said, KASB’s advocacy efforts is just a small portion of what KASB does for our school leaders. KASB assists districts with cooperative purchasing, research, utility management, legal services, negotiation assistance, property and casualty insurance, superintendent searches, workers’ compensation, and, the one I personally benefit the most from, board member training.

“Individuals run for their school board to make a difference for the students in their schools, yet in many of our communities, our school district is the largest employer and a significant player in our community’s economy. While student achievement is the top priority for board members, there is a lot that goes into serving on a board of education. The training opportunities and other services provided by KASB enable these volunteer board members to successfully oversee and govern their school districts.”

Following the House presentation, KASB board of director members were invited to the floor of the Senate for a similar presentation. Senate Resolution 1748 was co-sponsored by Senators Rogers, Alley, Berger and Givens. Again, they are each current or former members of local boards of education.

Sen. Rogers offered the remarks following the reading of the resolution:

“On many Monday nights you will find over 2,000 Kansas men and women coming together to consider budgets, calendars, textbooks, fuel bills, curriculum and more to support over 460,000 Kansas children. The work of the Kansas school board occurs each day of the week as they prepare for board meetings, meeting with teachers and administrators or visit with patrons in the local grocery store. The hours they serve are long and the pay nonexistent.

“And to quote a recent KASB article, “School board members must exercise good judgement, focus, good listening skills and a sense of good will for our children and community. They must know how to work together with others to set and monitor goals for the future. They must be respectful, brave, collaborative, inquisitive and have time to commit to the children of our community. They really are the first line of democracy in our nation.”

“But they don’t do it alone or just with their own board. They have a great resource in KASB.

“The Kansas Association of School Boards was established over 100 years ago in 1917 when there were over 2, 000 school districts in the state. Today, 285 of the 286 school districts come together to learn, share information and buy services cooperatively. School Board members attend workshops, training session and conventions to learn best practices and gather ideas of what is working elsewhere in the state. And working together brings benefits to each and every Kansas child.”

The members of both the House and the Senate honored those present from KASB with standing ovations to commemorate the event.

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