School finance debate may occur in House on Wednesday

A long-awaited debate on a school finance plan may occur Wednesday.

Substitute for House Bill 2410 is the only bill on General Orders in the House, which gavels in at 9 a.m., although indications are that the school finance debate will be in the afternoon.

The bill was advanced last week without recommendation by the House K-12 Education Budget Committee.

As it came out of committee, the funding increase for schools had been drastically reduced from when the bill was initially introduced  — down from $750 million over five years to approximately $280 million over two years.

Under the proposal before the full House, school funding would increase $180 million in the next school year and then $100 million the following year.

For the most part, Sub HB 2410 returns to most of the main features of the school finance formula used before the block grant system was adopted for the past two years.

Legislators face a June 30 deadline to comply with a Kansas Supreme Court order to fix the finance system, which the court has said fails to provide adequate funding to schools.

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