After school finance advances, Legislature takes long weekend

The 2017 Legislature recessed Thursday for a long Memorial Day weekend after the House overwhelmingly passed a school finance bill to replace the expiring block grant law and a similar Senate bill passed out of committee.

There is disagreement over whether either bill will be acceptable to the Kansas Supreme Court, which gave the Legislature until June 30 to correct inadequate funding; and the Legislature has not come close to settling on a tax plan to close the current budget deficit and provide additional school funding.

Yesterday, the House passed Sub HB 2410 on a vote of 84-39, sending the bill to the Senate. Here is the roll call vote, a link to the bill text as amended by the House, and the supplemental note prepared by the Legislative Research Department.

The legislative website has now posted the bill text of Senate Substitute for HB 2186, as recommended Wednesday by the Senate Select Committee on Education Finance, and the supplemental note of that bill.

KASB’s report on the debate on both bills is available here. The most recent School Finance Tracker is available here.

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