June Policy updates available

The policy recommendations have been edited and revised by the KASB Legal/Policy Services staff. In the packets you’ll find a letter, a table explaining the changes in policy and copies of each policy showing the edits to each using Track Changes in Word. Clean copies of the policies with all edits incorporated may also be downloaded at your convenience as well.

The June Recommended Board Policy update packets are posted using password protection on our new website. To access them, go to https://kasb.org/policyupdates2017/ and type in the password “Policy17” (case sensitive) when prompted.

The purpose of these revisions and new policy and procedure offerings is primarily to ensure compliance with new federal laws and regulations.

The updates are the second set of fiscal year 2016-17 policy updates we’ve issued. If you did not receive the December 2016 Policy Updates, you may also download them from the website above using the same password.

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