KASB announces restructuring, staff changes

KASB Executive Director Dr. John Heim has announced a restructuring plan designed to enhance the association’s mission to support a culture of collaboration and service, be a voice for education and provide leadership for student success 

Goals of the plan are to improve member engagement, cooperation between and within KASB departments; refocus advocacy, policy and legislative support; and improve staff focus and morale. 

The most visible change in KASB structure is the creation of a new membership engagement department, which will separate some current functions from the current Advocacy and Communications Department and add new functions. 

Here is a list of personnel and title changes resulting from reorganization and other actions. 

Assistant Executive Director for Risk Management Rod Spangler becomes Assistant Executive Director for Risk Management and Member Engagement. 

Associate Executive Director for Advocacy, Communications, Research and Marketing Mark Tallman becomes Associate Executive Director for Advocacy. 

Controller Amanda Rollenhagen becomes Director of Finance and Operations. 

Leadership Services and Partnerships Director Britton Hart becomes Director of Leadership Services. 

Governmental Relations Specialist Leah Fliter becomes Director of Governmental Relations. 

Printer Mike Pape has retired. 

Associate Executive Director for Marketing Carol Pitts has resigned. 

Communications Specialist Andrea Hartzell has resigned. 

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