Election season under way; important dates fast-approaching

The Aug.4 primary election is fast-approaching, so please make sure your voice and the voice of public school education is heard at the ballot box. 

KASB encourages education leaders to seek out candidates for office and ask them their positions on K-12 issues.  

There are also other important election dates on the horizon: July 14 is the last day to register for the primaries and July 28 is the deadline for voters to apply for advance ballots by mail.  

There is probably no larger voting bloc in Kansas with a common interest than public school educators and staff. 

More than 72,400 school staff members can vote for candidates who reflect the value of ensuring all Kansas students have access to an equal, high-quality education. 

A recent report shows that states with the highest percentages of educational attainment have the highest personal income. So, voting for public education is also voting for your pocketbook.  

KASB provides information and advocacy on issues important to public schools. KASB does not endorse candidates. Here is a link to a brief video for candidates and others about KASB and top education issues.

This is a critical election, not only at the national level, but at the state and local levels too. Every seat in the Kansas Senate and House and half of the 10 positions on the State Board of Education are on the ballot in 2020. In addition, education, including how schools will operate during the coronavirus pandemic, will be a major topic of discussion during the campaign season. 

Go to the KASB Key Resources page for a list of candidates and here is a link to KASB’s “Overview of Public Education Issues 2020.” KASB encourages education leaders to seek out candidates for office and ask them their positions on K-12 issues.  

You can check your voter registration status, register to vote and request a mail-in ballot at www.ksvotes.org. Mail-in balloting is expected to break records this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Kansas Secretary of State’s office has an Elections webpage with the same functions, plus a lot of information on candidates, election statistics and information on the Students Serve program, which is a partnership with education groups, including KASB, to encourage high school students to work as poll workers on Election Day. 

The League of Women Voters of Kansas, which is commemorating its 100th anniversary of the right to vote for women in the United States, is also an important source of election information. The group registers voters, sponsors candidate debates and public issue forums, encourages participation in the political process and educates the public on civic issues.  

Mark Your Calendar 

Tue. July 14 — Last day to register to vote in the Primary Election 

Tue. Aug. 4 — Primary Election Day 

Tue. Oct. 13 — Last day to register to vote in the General Election  

Tue. Nov. 3 — Election Day 

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