KASB announces Advanced Advocacy Training Initiative

To develop a deeper understanding and network of education advocates in Kansas, KASB is excited to announce the Advanced Advocacy Training Initiative (AATI) for the 2019-2020 school year. 

With the recent Kansas Supreme Court ruling in support of the four-year school finance plan adopted by the Kansas Legislature, advocacy and support for education becomes more critical than ever, said KASB governmental relations specialist Rob Gilligan. The focus of our efforts will now be less on securing additional funding than on keeping the long-term financial commitments in place and ensuring that we communicate effectively the progress that continues to be made in the Kansas public education system to improve the success of each student. 

Advocacy for education doesn’t just happen at the Statehouse in Topeka, said Gilligan. It is a local issue, and each community needs champions, both within the public education system and outside of the system, who can effectively communicate the positive work that is being done and the need to continue efforts to develop new programs and approaches to improving student outcomes. 

The program will be open education leaders and advocates approved by KASB member school districts, including board members, administrative leaders and other educational advocates in the district. 

This interactive program will allow a select group of 18 individuals to take a deeper dive into Education Advocacy to expand their knowledge and skills in supporting Kansas’ public education system. 

At the conclusion of the program, KASB’s goal is that each participant be able to: 

  • Establish a network of education advocates throughout Kansas that have a full understanding of issues on the local, state and federal levels; 
  • Connect education advocates to offer networking and support opportunities and to share ideas and approaches to advocacy; 
  • Highlight current efforts for education advocacy and work through different successes and failures in achieving goals and objectives to improve education in Kansas; 
  • Develop new and differing voices for education and support them in efforts to participate in the legislative and community outreach process. 

Six different educational sessions will be held throughout the school year starting at the end of August with a look into federal issues and the basics of establishing a legislative platform.  

Applications will be released on July 8 with a due date of August 9 to be considered for one of only 18 spots in the first class of KASB’s Advanced Advocacy Training Initiative. 

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