Responses sought on current efforts to combat school bullying

A work group of the blue-ribbon task force on school bullying is seeking information through an online questionnaire. 

The questionnaire is specifically directed at administrators, counselors, teachers and other support staff, but could be filled out by others, including board members and students. Here is a link. It asks what respondents know about current policies and efforts to address bullying, and what they wish the school was doing. 

The task force was created by Education Commissioner Randy Watson in response to data that 28 percent of students in grades six through twelve experience bullying, despite years of efforts to address the problem. One charge to the task force is to identify current bullying trends, data, and prevention measures occurring across the state in an effort to better understand how to combat this problem. The online questionnaire is one way to collect such information. 

School leaders are encouraged to share this link and promote responses from their district. Respondents can also promote more information directly to the work group. In additional, each meeting of the task force includes time for public comments. 

Here is a link to KSDE information on the task force, including future meeting dates, times and locations, members and resources. Here are KASB reports on the first two meetings of the task force May 28 in Clearwater and June 18 in Garden City. 

School members are represented on the task force through KASB’s President-elect Lori Blake, Southeast of Saline USD 306 Board member, and KASB attorney Donna Whiteman.  

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