As schools look toward next year, KASB on-site training available

As school officials prepare for the next school year, KASB officials will hit the road across the state to facilitate training of staff, teachers, administrators and board members 

KASB offers numerous on-site training opportunities that provide needed expert instruction while reducing time and travel costs to your district. 

You and your staff members can remain in your district while KASB sends experts to provide training in scores of areas that touch on advocacy, community engagement, public relations, legal, leadership and research. 

This allows school boards or districts to save time and money while also receiving the up-to-date training that will help your district operate more efficiently and effectively. 

“Generally, August is the big month for on-site legal trainings for staff members as they begin a new year,” said Donna Whiteman, KASB’s assistant executive director for Legal Services. 

Last year, KASB’s legal department conducted 69 on-site trainings for KASB members. Those covered a wide range of topics, such as school law for teachers and board members, preventing sexual harassment, bullying, student discipline, social media, special education, seclusion and restraint and many other issues. 

KASB Leadership Services offers numerous opportunities to help with board training, administration retreats and community planning. 

Many school boards use the summer to evaluate the previous school year and discuss goals and priorities for the next. 

During training sessions, “We get boards to focus on what matters to their students,” Brian Jordan, KASB deputy director for Leadership Services, said. “If you never have these conversations you have seven board members with seven different priorities,” he said.  

Among the opportunities available is Whole Board Training, which helps boards navigate the sometimes difficult work of establishing priorities, policies and procedures to advance your district. 

Jordan said KASB also works with boards that have new superintendents to make sure everyone is working from the same page.  

In addition, onsite training is available for a wide range of topics in communications and marketing, such as media and public relations, community engagement, social media and branding. 

Leadership training sessions are available to cover teamwork, long-range planning, evaluation of staff, site councils, effective use of data and more, while research training is available to cover demographic trends and enrollment projections. 

For more information on the numerous on-site training opportunities, go here. 

Some of the upcoming training sessions for July include “What every board member should know about safe and secure schools,” in McPherson on July 17 and Colby on July 18. 

Summer Board Leadership Workshops will be held in Garden City and Goddard on July 22. McREL Evaluation System Training: Principal and Teacher will be held in Topeka on July 23 and a Summer Board Leadership Team Workshops will be held July 23 at Greenbush and in Hays.  

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