Members provide guidance for KASB’s future

In May, KASB sent out a survey to all members asking five open-ended questions related to how we have worked to adapt to the “new normal” since the pandemic began.  One-hundred and thirty-five members responded with ideas and suggestions for how we can improve moving forward.  Here are some things we learned. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Many respondents felt the Zoom sessions were the best change to come out of the pandemic. 
  • Many respondents indicated that KASB should: 
  • be sending fewer paper mailings. 
  • be doing more online trainings/events. 
  • be doing more facilitated online discussions. 
  • have more resources available online and/or focus on making sure online resources are easy to locate. 
  • be taking a blended approach to trainings/events. 
  • Some respondents indicated that KASB should: 
  • be sending fewer emails. 
  • offer more on-demand training. 
  • continue face-to-face trainings/events. 
  • provide more trainings on the impacts of COVID-19 on students, staff, educating, and district operations. 
  • provide more training and guidance on technology, telework, and tele-ed. 

Response Summaries 

The following are the five questions asked, followed by a list of the topics most commonly mentioned.  Note that only topics mentioned by five or more respondents are included.   

What does it look like a year from now if KASB has been more strategic in what is printed/mailed with a blending of online mediums? 


Topic  Count 
Fewer printed communications  39 
Good as is  24 
More online opportunities  13 
Fewer email communications  12 
Materials and info available online  10 
Better informed/prepared/engaged membership  9 
More blended events  6 
More strategic/targeted communications  6 
Keep printed mailings  5 


What does it look like a year from now if KASB has shifted our structure to engage with our members through a blended, timely approach? 


Topic  Count 
More facilitated online discussions  31 
Good as is  28 
Better informed/prepared/engaged membership  12 
Continue onsite visits / in-person trainings  9 
Video library / on-demand content  8 
Increased ease of access to information  7 
Timely responses to info requests  6 
Target specific groups  6 
More online opportunities/trainings/events  6 
Materials and info available online  6 
Focus on actionable items  5 


What does it look like a year from now if KASB has established methods for building relationships and offering support in a “post COVID” environment? 


Topic  Count 
Continue online collaboration  16 
Blended approach  13 
Increased value of / access to online learning  12 
KASB facilitating sharing among members  9 
Increased ease of access to information online  6 
Continue onsite visits / in-person trainings  6 


What additional supports could KASB provide that would be beneficial in helping your boards navigate in these times? 


Topic  Count 
COVID-19 related topics / Planning in uncertain times  11 
Strategic/Financial planning  5 
Software/technology recommendations and best practices  5 

KASB has shifted their methods of communication and sharing of information in the recent weeks.  Which of these changes do you find most valuable? 


Topic  Count 
Online meetings / Zoom  55 
Email communications  17 
Lunch and Learns  9 
Clerks/HR/Payroll Zooms  5 


KASB staff was very pleased with the responses to this survey, as it confirms the plans we have already put in place for the future.  The past several months have taught us the importance of expanding the methods by which we provide information to and receive feedback from our members, and also the importance of shifting our focus away from those methods that are not as cost effective towards less expensive methods likely to yield better results.   

If you have additional feedback not reflected in the summary information above that you’d like to share, please email me at and I will make sure your voice is heard!  

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