Major groups make endorsements in primaries

With the political party primaries less than one week away, major organizations that represent a wide variety of interests have endorsed candidates.

KASB doesn’t make political endorsements, but provides information on education issues and urges Kansans to vote and participate in the election process. Here is a link to KASB’s Overview of Kansas Public Education Issues.

The Republican and Democratic primaries are Tue. Aug. 4. The general election is Tue. Nov. 3. Every seat in the Kansas House and Senate, half of 10 positions on the State Board of Education, all four of Kansas’ U.S. Representative positions and one U.S. Senate position are on the ballot.

As a public service, KASB is providing links below of organizations that often deal with education issues and have endorsed candidates.


Kansas Chamber PAC

Kansas Farm Bureau PAC

MainStream Coalition MainPAC

Equality Kansas PAC

Kansas Livestock Association PAC

Game On for Kansas Schools


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