August is Breastfeeding Month. KASB has suggested policies for Boards

Gov. Laura Kelly proclaimed August 1-7 as Breastfeeding Week and August as National Breastfeeding Month this morning at the Kansas Statehouse.  

The Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition, Inc. is comprised of individuals from a wide variety of organizations, agencies and private businesses that promote breastfeeding in Kansas.    

While school boards are not required to have policy language regarding the accommodation of staff who are nursing mothers, federal law requires accommodations to be made in certain circumstances. 

KASB’s Legal and Policy staff worked with the Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition in 2017 to develop policy that local school boards can adopt to assist staff members who are nursing mothers. KBC Executive Director Brenda Bandy applauded the partnership with KASB and said she has met with many school districts that have adopted the KASB policy language.  

KASB attorneys provide training and resources to help board members understand their role and responsibility both as a board of education, and individually as board members. As a KASB member, you can schedule KASB attorneys to provide legal training for board members, administrators and staff on topics including negotiations, labor relations, and school board elections. 

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