KASB hosts session on leading change for school redesign teams

Over 250 educators from the “Apollo” school redesign districts received training in the art and science of leading change this week, led by KASB’s leadership services staff. 

The Apollo schools are the fourth group approved by the Kansas State Board of Education for the Kansans Can “Moonshot” redesign program, which began with the Mercury 7 districts in 2017. The purpose of the program is to increase student graduation rates, postsecondary education and preparation for adult life through more individualized education that better engages students. 

Redesigning schools to improve student success, particularly for students who continue to struggle in the current system, will take major changes, and change always brings challenges, according to KASB Leadership Services Field Representative Dr. Doug Moeckel. The Apollo training presented the research on change from top experts, and how to apply those lessons to public schools, both internally to teachers and staff and externally to parents and community members. 

Among the key lessons: change only happens when people see the relative advantage of doing things differently; all voices need to be heard and have input, and constant communication on what is happening – and why it is happening – is critical. 

KASB offers the same kind of training on leading change to local school boards and districts. Contact DMoeckel@kasb.org and BJordan@kasb.org 

More information on the school redesign project can be found here. The Apollo school teams will receive support from the Kansas State Department of Education and regional services centers throughout the school year as they prepare to launch their redesign plans next August. 

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