State Board of Education approves mental health grants

More Kansas schools and students will be benefiting from state mental health grants.

Earlier this week, the State Board of Education approved $3.8 million to school districts and $2 million to local community health centers for the Mental Health Intervention Team Program for the 2019-20 school year.

The effort started last year as a pilot program to increase mental health services for students. Nine districts benefitted from the pilot program last year.

Now funds will be going to 31 districts to hire school liaisons who will coordinate services for students between the staff, parents and mental health centers and will also provide feedback to teachers on strategies to help students. The districts are required to match $1 for each $3 of state aid.

School officials have praised the program as much-need, saying they are seeing an increase in the number of students with mental health and social and emotional issues.

Below is a table listing the districts that applied for grants, the amount requested, the amount approved and the amount for the mental health centers.

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