KASB Live: Threat assessments in schools — workshops available in September and team training in October

Research suggests the best way to address violence in schools is to implement evidence-based threat assessment models to try to stop incidents from happening or escalating.

In this KASB Live video, Randy Weseman, assistant executive director for operations and leadership services at KASB, talks about why schools should focus on opening lines of communication and trust between schools, law enforcement, staff, students and parents.

Studies have shows that in nearly nine out of 10 instances of school violence, someone, if not many people, had information about the perpetrator’s intentions but the information didn’t make it to those who could take action to prevent the incident, Weseman said.

Weseman will conduct three sessions on making schools safer: “What Every Board Member Should Know About Safe and Secure Schools.”  They are on Sept. 10 at McPherson; Sept. 11 at Colby and Sept. 12 at Olathe. During these sessions, board members will discuss what measures schools are taking and should be taking to keep their schools safe.

On Oct. 28, KASB will host a threat assessment team training based on the Virginia Student Threat Assessment guidelines, which is an evidence-based model of school threat assessment that is being used by many schools. Participation in this training will be limited to space available.

For more information on these sessions, go to this link.

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