More than 120 education leaders participated in KASB Summer Regional Roundtables

KASB’s Summer Regional Roundtables drew more than 120 education leaders and produced discussions on a wide range of school topics.

The meetings were held July 30-Aug. 8 in Stafford, Hiawatha, Colby, McPherson, Greenbush/Girard, Haysville, Topeka and Olathe.

The average attendance was 15 per meeting, with 12 of those being local school board members.

The roundtables were organized around topics of school safety, superintendent evaluation, the upcoming U.S. Census, legislative issues and local challenges.

The legislative issues discussed the most were special education funding, including dyslexia; the school bond cap and interest aid; Medicaid expansion; bullying; vaping and funding for pre-kindergarten, at-risk, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Adverse Childhood Experiences training and foster care.

KASB is preparing for Fall Regional Roundtable meetings. Some of the topics to be covered include orienting new board members, school redesign, legislative priorities, and the 2020 Census. Like the summer meetings, the upcoming ones will encourage interaction among board members while providing local advocates the opportunity to discuss issues with KASB staff.

The meetings will be held in Stafford and Hiawatha on Sept. 24; Sublette and Topeka, Sept. 25; Colby and Olathe, Sept. 26; McPherson and Greenbush, Oct. 1 and Beloit and Haysville, Oct. 2.

For more information on these and all our learning opportunities, go to the KASB website and click on upcoming events.

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