KASB Legal Services offers special education workshops

As part of its continued efforts to provide high quality services in the midst of the pandemic, KASB is excited to offer a set of online workshops focused on Special Education on Oct. 1. The morning session, starting at 9 a.m., will cover the building blocks of Special Education Law, primarily focused on the IDEA and the district’s responsibilities to special needs students. Topics will include FAPE, Evaluation and Eligibility, Extracurricular Activities, Extended School Year (ESY), Least Restrictive Environment, and all topics will be tied back to actual special education cases.

Starting at 1 p.m., our afternoon session will take a deep dive into specific areas in special education. The workshop will include topics focused on Emergency Safety Interventions (ESI), SPED Decision-Making, complaints and Due Process procedures and case studies related to these more advanced special education topics.

Each workshop must be registered for individually, allowing you to take advantage of one or both of the offerings.

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