New KASB report shows `Dollars to the Classroom’

Central and general administrative expenses in the Kansas public school system represent a small fraction of overall K-12 spending, according to a new analysis by KASB. 

The report, “Dollars to the Classroom,” shows 74 percent of school funding goes toward direct support of students and teachers and 21 percent goes to the operations and maintenance of school buildings. Less than five percent of school funding goes toward central and general administration, the report says.  

The report is being released today as claims have recently been made by Republican gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach that administrative expenses at public schools are too high and that he doesn’t believe enough of school funding goes into “the classroom.” He has vowed, if elected, to push for a requirement that 75 percent of school funding be spent in the classroom, however he hasn’t released details of his proposal.  

Tallman’s analysis can be found here and a KASB Live video on the analysis is here and podcast is here. 

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