School issues before legislative interim committees this week

Several interim legislative committees meeting this week are discussing issues that could have an impact on school districts. 

Today and tomorrow (Tue. and Wed. Sept. 22-23), the Special Committee on Foster Care Oversight continues its study of the child welfare system, with presentations Tuesday afternoon on barriers to inter-agency communications in child welfare, including Deputy Commissioner Dale Dennis, among others. Sharing education records for children in foster care has been a long-stranding issue. Here is a link to the full agenda. 

Today through Thursday (Sept. 22-24), the Special Committee on the Kansas Emergency Management Act meets for presentations and development of recommendations. This committee is expected to discuss issues concerning education during emergency school closures, including providing parents funding to attend other institutions if public schools are not offering in-person learning. Here is link to the full agenda. 

Tomorrow (Wed. Sept 23), the Legislative Budget Committee meets to review a number of state finance topics, including a presentation at 1:30 p.m. on the K-12 school year and expenditures from the Legislative Research Department and Deputy Commissioner Dennis. Here is a link to the full agenda. 

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